Welcome to the ECOCIG Vapour Store, Pickering.

City Vape Flavoured Vaping E-Liquids

From humble beginnings to a leading brand known for quality and satisfaction. City Vape feature heavily in UK vape shops and vape shows with award winning flavours and easy to understand packaging.

With 3 standardised ranges available City Vape has became the USP for many vendors. Each flavour has been scrutinised and rigorously tested both for compliance and to ensure popularity, we achieved this through large sample testing and live feedback in bars, nightclubs and expos throughout the UK.

The City Vape brand was created to solve a problem in the vape industry, City Vape wanted to enable stores to offer a range that sold consistently throughout the year and not the typical ‘flavour of the month’ type products that are imported for a very short time, only maintain a small lifespan on the shelf, then end up in the bargain bucket on the counter.


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