Please read these terms and conditions carefully before buying from us.

We've tried to make them easy to read and as brief as we possibly can.


When you buy from us you do so having considered that the products you are purchasing are suitable for your or the intended recipent's level of experience as a user of electronic cigarettes.

Inexperienced users should not purchase a device too far beyond their level of knowledge. This most significantly applies to new users purchasing sub ohm devices rated at the most extreme level of vaping, which is level 5 of 5 on our website.

We hold no responsibility and take no liability for people decanting, rebottling, reworking, or remixing any of our products.


Manufacturers are likely to require their serial number before providing a replacement item. This is due to the increasing amount of counterfeits in circulation. Please keep your packaging with the serial number, or take pictures of it before you discard it.


Our deadline for orders for same day dispatch is 2pm Monday to Friday although we always try our best to get as much out as possible beyond this time.

Royal Mail's delivery targets are as follow:

  • First Class mail – a minimum of 93 per cent delivered the next working day

Once we have despatched your order its speed of delivery is controlled by Royal Mail, or other such delivery service. We do not refund postage upgrade fees for items delivered beyond Royal Mail's target timescales, ie if a package arrives in 3 working days instead of 2 working days.


The products on this website are not sold as smoking cessation aids or nicotine replacement therapy, and they should not to be used by the following persons - those under the age of 18, pregnant, breast feeding, or persons with or at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or those on medication. If you experience symptoms of nicotine misuse such as vomiting, dizziness, diarrhoea, nausea, weakness or rapid heartbeat, please discontinue use and consult your GP.

Keep cartridges and liquids containing nicotine in a safe place and out of reach of children, vulnerable adults and animals.


We allow for a 14 day right of cancellation provided the product we have supplied to you has not been used. The product needs to be returned in the same new condition as received including its original and undamaged packaging.

If you’ve changed your mind about your purchase, please get in touch and follow the returns process as detailed below, and ensure the item is returned to us within 14 days of receipt. We don’t usually charge any kind of fee for accepting standard stock items back, however, we reserve the right to address this for anything that falls outside of our normal stock, ie special or bespoke orders.

If you change your mind and wish to return your item with tracked postage


Upon receipt, please inspect your order and report any issues to us as soon as possible.

Please note, we do not accept items as having been received as damaged or faulty after 14 days of shipping.


To guarantee the integrity of our e-liquid and its contents, e-liquid cannot be returned unless there is a manufacturing defect, or its best before date has expired.


Should the unfortunate happen and your order does not arrive, please note for UK orders that 28 days has to elapse from the date of placing your order for standard first class post, and 15 working days for first class Signed For, before the order can be reported as undelivered, delayed or lost with Royal Mail.

However, although Royal Mail does not allow the claims procedure to begin before 28/15 days have passed, we will usually intervene after 14 business days and we will re-send the missing items to you at no additional cost.

When we re-send items to you that are missing in transit, you agree to remain in contact with us until sufficient time has passed that we can raise a claim with Royal Mail (or the courier) for the missing items. We need you to respond to our contact so we can confirm that you have not received the items we sent to you and this evidence from you will be submitted to Royal Mail Customer Services along with our claim for compensation.

If we can’t fulfil your order, we will contact you to let you know and we will give you a revised delivery date. You will also be given the option to cancel or amend your order if this happens.

Money will be refunded to the same account debited during purchase. All refunds and partial refunds will be completed within 3 days (we normally do them straight away).


If you supply us with an old, incorrect or undeliverable address, please contact us immediately just in case we can get it changed for you.

If your order has already been shipped we cannot change the shipping address and we cannot stop it in transit.

We cannot send more items and we won't be able to refund the ones that have already been sent.

At this point it is your responsibility to try and retrieve the items sent to the incorrect address that was supplied to us, this applies to addresses where you used to live for example.

If you can’t get the items or you supplied an undeliverable address, hopefully the package will be returned to us in which case you will need to pay for the items to be reshipped before we can send them to you again.

This will mean you have to wait for the package to be returned to us which takes, on average, 2-3 weeks, although it can take a lot longer for international orders.

Please note, there may also be a charge for the items to be returned to us in which case we would ask you to cover this too before we ship out to you again. If the items are not returned to us we may not be able to refund you for the goods as this would depend on Royal Mail's claim process, but we would investigate what can be claimed back for you and we would try to support you as best we can because we understand the frustration and disappointment, as well as the cost. The cost of the postage incurred by us is not refundable.

It can take several weeks for the outcome of a claim to be known with the likes of Royal Mail.

If you do not want the returned items re-shipped once we've received them back, we will usually be able to refund you but this refund will not include the cost of the shipping we have incurred to send your order in the first place.


From time-to-time, the Post Office in the UK, or the postal service abroad, attempts to deliver an item but either does doesn't leave a ticket to say they've tried to do this, or, the ticket doesn't reach you, which can happen with work addresses.

If your order seems to be taking its time in reaching you, it's important you get in touch with us well within the 14 day period after placing your order because Royal Mail will only hold your item for 14 days and then they will send it back to us.

We will usually have a tracking number for larger or more valuable items so when you get in touch we can check if the item is being held awaiting your collection or a re-delivery. If the items are sent back to us, you will need to pay the appropriate shipping charge so we can send your order again.


Before you send something back ... 

Please contact us before you do anything and tell us your name, purchase date, order number if you can, describe the item and tell us why you would like to return it.

We will respond to you quickly and together we can try and resolve the issue if there is a problem with your product. It may be a clear case of a faulty item (in which case it can be sorted swiftly with a replacement or repair if it falls within the warranty period) but it may be an issue caused by incorrect use (it does happen!).

We ask you to co-operate with us so we can sort problems quickly and amicably.

Please do not return a product to us without contacting us and obtaining our agreement first. If you return something to us without our agreement and it isn’t faulty but it shows sign of use and the parts of it show sign of use (ie it is second hand), we cannot refund your postage or the cost of the item. It would be to our discretion as to what, if any refund was due.

To eliminate user error and to protect your claim, thoroughly check and implement any instructions you have/or we provide you with.

Some issues can't be resolved and for faulty items and you simply need to work through the process with us and obtain our agreement that your product does indeed seem to be faulty and it will be replaced, repaired or refunded.


Having followed the procedure above, ensure the item is packaged well and can’t be damaged.

If the item is of low value (£20 or less), 1st class post with ‘proof of sending’ from the Post Office can be a sufficient method of return.

Ensure you obtain a ‘printed proof of sending’ and keep this safe until the matter is resolved. You will need to claim directly from the Post Office if your item is damaged or lost in transit.

Items worth over £20 but less than £50 will need to be returned using Royal Mail’s ‘Signed For’ service. Again, ensure you keep your ‘printed proof of sending’ until the matter is resolved. The same applies in that you will need to claim directly from the Post Office if your item is damaged or lost in transit.

All Post Office claims have to be made by the sender, not the recipient.

When you initially contact us to notify us that you have a return, if appropriate, ie in the event of a faulty product for example, we will agree to cover the costs of the return postage and we will confirm in an email to you what that cost should be, ie 95p first class or £2.05 Signed For, as examples.

If you choose to incur a higher postage charge than that which is necessary to insure your item there will be a shortfall between what you have spent on your postage and the amount of our refund to you.

If your item isn't faulty your postage costs will not be refunded.

Please remember to enclose the following with your return package ...

A brief cover letter with your name, return address, phone number and email address reason for returning the item (or make reference to the date of our last email correspondence so we have something to refer to).


Please return the product as outlined above to:


Ensure your return package has the appropriate postage.

Cash on delivery shipments and underpaid items will not be accepted by us, and we will not accept items which have not been shipped as directed above.

Thanks in advance for working with us and keeping our procedures in place so everyone is treated equally and fairly.


Refunds will be made using the same method as the original payment. Where we are liable to cover the costs of your postage we will send you this money via Paypal. If you are returning something because you have changed your mind about your purchase, we will deduct the postage we incurred in sending it to you because, despite our free shipping policy, a postage charge is obviously incurred by us. This cost will most usually be 95p, £2.05, £3 or £4.50 for UK orders but other amounts may apply and international shipping incurs a higher charge.


This primarily relates to e-liquid nicotine strengths. If the strength hasn't been selected we will get in touch with you to check your requirement so it's important that you provide accurate email and phone numbers. If you've ordered from us before we will attempt to check with you but we won't delay your order and we will send the same strengths as you've previously had. If we have no previous orders to refer to and can't get in touch with you we will cancel and refund the order after 7 days.


Please also read this separate page on our website concerning important information about e-cig battery and charger safety which also outlines our position regarding liability.


The descriptions and images of the products on our site are for illustrative purposes only, however, we make every attempt to ensure they're as accurate as possible.

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