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AYA Floral Scent Aromatherapy Massage Oil,



Product Details

AYA Floral Scent Aromatherapy Massage Oil for pain relief and well-being
Comes in three different fragrances all with unique soothing properties
10ml pump nozzle bottle concentrated oil, easy use


Blending the scent of flowers and Thai herb, the strong scent of special herb gives you fresh warm feel and relaxing that relieving of unique style.This scent help to easy breathing to relieve dizziness, nasal congestion and carsickness, that makes you feel relaxed and breathe freely.


Relaxing scent from lavender that help you to sleep tight, relax the muscles from hard working, relieve headaches and migraines, regulate
heartbeat well and relax your mind from stress naturally. The benefit of lavender oil is anti-bacteria, improve your immune system.


Refreshing scent help to calm your mind, relieve headaches and relax.Rose oil also reducing insomnia and anxiety, So Asian’s aromatherapyused for body and mind treatment. This scent revealing your style as you are romantic person, honest, ambitious and confident.

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