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Traditional Thai massage Oils & Balms, muscular pain relief

Traditional Thai massage Oils & Balms

〓 Traditional medicine produces healthy herbs are 3 brands together.
〓 Dr. Sumet's brand
〓 Our products are quality ingredients. And production.
Thai traditional herbal pharmacist more than 10 years ... for our clients. 
Customers are assured of using the products of the ancient Mongolia.

Thai Muscle/Massage Balm *green* Herbal is A century-old revered remedy

* This Traditional Herbal Balm is perfect for soothing aching muscles & aid quick recovery after sports
* Ideal as a soothing remedy for Arthritis joints and sore limbs
* Soothes symptoms of cold and flu and helps to alleviate blocked airways effectively
*Perfect for first aid on insect bites and grazes which stops itching, soothes, protects and disinfects the bites

Plai (Yellow) Balm Reduce inflammation pain muscle pain insect repellent To relieve a migraine headache nasal congestion relieve stomach aches

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