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Canabidol™ CBD Extract - 25% - 50% - 75%


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Product Description

Introducing the New CBD  concentrated extract from Canabidol™.The highest purity CBD available

New and improved this extract tastes amazing and comes in concentrations  from 25% and as high as 75%


Product Description

Canabidol™ 25% 50% 75% CBD Oil

1ml of Concentrated CBD Cannabis oil in a easy to use syringe applicator


Cannabis Oil Facts:

Serving Size: 0.1ml

Number of Servings: 10


Suggested Use:

Take 0.1ml  – Twice daily.

Place between your gum and cheek and hold there pressing firmly against the gum without moving for about 8-10 seconds. Then move your finger (circular or side to side) until you feel it grab to your gum.

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